Views of system - software modelling and design


this way is also called static model in view and is concerned with contact it is offered to the end user of the software

the models in this view can be represented by sequence diagram, class diagram and communication diagram.

Developemnt view

this view is also called sub system and component design view for the implementation.

this is developed by view contribute and project development- component diagram and package diagrams defined in uml are often used to implement this view

Process view

please give is also called task view and is concerned with dynamic or runtime aspects of software system

it mainly describes program structure at runtime and deals with wrong currency, system integrity, scalability and performance

activity diagram of uml are used to form the process

Physical view

physical view is concerned with deployment, administrator and environment of the system

it is often the system engineer this point of view. Supporting software, and their interaction with the system is often represented by this view. Deployment diagram are used in this view.

Uml specified software architecture We are not confined 245 use but as per the requirements of the project design, pacific views can be cured. We take it as super set of 4 + 1 view model and other view models with standardization of UN.

Use case view

In this view, interactions of actors and system are depicted. This view is often the first step while designing the system and acts as the functional requirement view

Dtatic view

Classes are the declaration of system properties and interaction. Static view is captured by defining class eight and showing the relationship with some standardised terms like aggregation, and specification etc.

Dynamic state machine view

The actual flow of control is systemd affected by dynamic machines date view - state machine is used to show the sequencing off control components. Uml state chart is used for the purpose.

Structural component view

this is the component of this is a interaction of component, their interfaces and the course where they have to be conducted are so class diagrams are often used to show the structural component view.

dynamic concurrent view

the distributed aztecs of the system are captured in dynamic component vue. the current component which will be getting executed at remote distributed node are depicted in this view. concurrent communication diagram are used to show such concurrency.

Deployment view

The actual environment of software development including network components, hardware notes and supporting software like containers are captured in this view. - uml deployment diagrams are used to show this view.