Unified software development process


Software industry uses well defined process for developing software. This is model is called software engineering process (SEP) for software development process (SDP). The unified software development process(USDP) is a popular, widely used industry standard sDP. In short it is called Unified Process(UP). Unified Process coexists with uml (unified modelling language) which is a visual language part of the system for project. Up addresses the process part of software development.

There are few widely accepted axioms associated with UP. They are as follows:

1] use case and risk driven- this axiom primary focus on use case scenarios and risk driven management of projects. Risk need to be carefully analysed, explored and handled in almost all IT projects. Up inherently has capability of addresses the software Construction by analysing the risk.

2] architecture centric- the UK process in centred on robot system architecture. Architecture specifies how system can be divided into different system components how are they connected with each other.

3] iterative and incremental- u p also focuses on iterative modelling of project development. Here project is broken down into smaller subprojects which are also called iterations. Deliberations are delivered functionalities which can be combined to obtain the final functionality.

Phase 1

The ground of project is set in inception phase. The primary focus of inception phase is gathering and analysing requirements. Business workflow is understood clearly, visibility is exploded and risk is analysed In this phase. Deliverables after Inception could be project plan, business case prototypes, vision document etc.

Phase 2

The deliverables inception phase is elaborated In this phase. Risk is refined and details system construction plan is created. Primary focus In this phase is to create an executable architectural baseline for system construction. Deliverables are Static and dynamic uml model.

Phase 3

The architectural baseline created during the elaboration is converted into final system in construction phase construction phase strictly follows the architectural baseline and and maintain its integrity. Requirements, analysis and design is finalized in construction phase and implementation is started to build the initial capability of the proposed system.

Phase 4

transition transition phase starts when system is finally deployed and beta test is finished. All bugs, defects, loopholes are analysed and fixed In this phase. Release of software for its target audience is prepared in this phase. The final software product is ready after completion of transition phase.