Procedural and structural design method

In early 1970 structured programming and designing starts getting popularity among software developers. This kind of Designing methodology was based data flow oriented designing. Structure design

Object orientation is way of Thinking a problem with real world prospect the concept of system in mind is mapped in the objects, their properties behaviour and interaction.

1- objective of structural designing was to organise the entire system in well defined module. The structural designing was one of the first well documented designing methodologies.

2- designing the data in the system. The documentation includes well specified construct 2 define data flows, called the dfd for data flow diagram. At later stage of Designing, dfd are map into structure charts.

3- two important approaches of Designing where introduced with structure designing. Devar called coupling and Cohesion, two important aspects of modularity.

4- structured analysis is based on dfd's designed during early structure design phase.

Procedural design

1- procedural design easy one more conventional design methodology where design decisions are made even when the system functionality is not understood properly or even when all the information is not available.

2- particular ordering of decision making process is for procedural designing and it down not get affected by nature of system.

3- procedural designing is highly risk and modern software system where designing strategies with changing requirements even during the phase of development.

4- structure designing has also limitations with many modern days application development where system have very dynamic behaviour. Now we will switch to more familiar popular and robbers strategy called the object oriented designing methodology.