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There are thousands of people who are taking their businesses online. Many of them hire logo designers. A lot of opportunities are opening their doors for logo designers. This article will explain to you how to get more clients for your logo designing job. Also, we will provide you with free example logo and symbols templates. Get ready for the complete logo designer's guide.

We are here presenting 6 proven ways that our own designer friends have applied and got the best results:

A Logo is a symbol or combination of design that describes your business

  1. Know your pros and cons in designing
  2. Become creative every day
  3. Develop a portfolio - get a website for you
  4. Increase your social media presence
  5. Learn to steal like an artist
  6. Handle clients with trust

To be noted : (As this is a logo designers guide, we recommend you to not miss a single part)

1)Know your pros and cons in designing:

Know-your-pros and cons-in-designing

Every designer in the logo design industry is creative at some point. Many of them specialize in symbol designing, combination logo design, Monogram logos, and more.

The only thing that only a few of them get more clients is, that they know their capability. They are aware of their pros and cons. They analyze their advantages after every project They know where they will fail in designing or they will have to restart the logo designing process again. Many fail because they always rush for clients but never taught themselves to be more creative than yesterday.

Knowing your capability will help you to rise better and leave a mark of yourself in every logo that you will create.

2)Become creative every day:

Become-creative- every-day

Oftentimes, we just believe in the saying that practice makes a man perfect, but we just run behind the words. Logo designers every time try to create something new that's been not created before. So, they continue to attempt the same mistakes over and over again. To be creative you must empty your mind for a while. Go out in nature, look at the birds, their nests, just become one with them. Empty your mind first to fill it with new ideas later.

3)Develop a portfolio - get a website for you:

Develop-a portfolio-get-a -website-for -you

The portfolio is the main thing in the logo designing industry. It is like an identity of your work. Now these days, people often prefer online logo designers. So to build trust with the clients you should let them know about your work. Get yourself a website that will only display your personal logo designing portfolio.

  • Design your portfolio by yourself and make it impressive.
  • Then a better way will be to display your best logos in the first place.
  • It should impact their mind that you are serious about your design work.
  • Using a strong and reliable will work well.

4)Increase your social media presence:

Increase-your- social-media -presence

Social media platforms are becoming more trustable these days. People rely on businesses that are more visible and recommended by people. This is a great opportunity for logo designers to stand out.

You can share millions of posts about your work, and your creativity on different social media platforms. People often prefer the stuff that is ranked over different hashtags. So before starting you must know your audience. Which kind of people do you want to hire you? whether you prefer small business or industry level business. Also, you can target small social media groups to display your creative design.

Then there will be more chances of getting recommended and getting a good amount of clients.

5)Learn to steal like an artist:


To create a new logo, you should have a clear image of what feeling your want in it, not how it should be looking. A good way to have a clear picture is to refer to other best ideas from the internet.

The Internet has thousands of logo designing ideas that can teach you many things. You should not copy them but when you see different kinds of symbols and logos with your very eyes, the mind will create something better next time for sure. Look mind does not create something from scratch. It's a mixture of your past ideas. So be smart and research as many logos as possible to get the best design skill out of your mind.

That was another effective way of getting more and more clients throughout your logo designing journey.

6)Handle clients with trust:

Handle-clients with-trust

We know that building trust will be a good way to earn well. But how we can do that? The point here is everyone loves if they are getting served by someone.

So your job will be to treat your clients like a boss. Do not consider them your boss but just act like that. Ask them their opinions in every step of designing, Respect their opinion, and Ask if they are ok with the design.

Another way is to provide something extra. Yes, you heard right something extra that others refuse to give. Some extra time or skill for them, giving them a discount or charging less. This will help you to get recommended and practice good communication skills too.

Tips to keep in mind

A final set of tips. Extra things to keep in mind.

To get more clients you should Know your pros and cons in designing Become creative every day, Develop a portfolio - get a website for you, Increase your social media presence, Learn to steal like an artist, Learn from your client's Psychology,


This blog is was published by logosymbols on of march 2022. The idea was to give our audience a quick and full guide about how to design a good logo. logosymbols is logo designing online company currently reaching more and more customers to download free logos for their commercial and private use.

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To be an artist you must learn to steal like an artist, so here are some logo examples you can download and use them for commercial and private purposes

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